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The Ryder-Cheshire Foundation Manawatu is a charitable organisation located at 112 - 116 Te Awe Awe Street, Hokowhitu, Palmerston North. It was established in 1979 to develop a positive support structure for people with a physical disability. It is an independent and charitable organisation whose single and dedicated purpose is to ensure people with physical disabilities live as full and active lives as possible. Whether physically disabled from birth, by accident or illness, adults coming under the care of the Foundation are provided with accommodation, care and support to develop skills, gain confidence and a sufficient level of independence to reach their full potential and enjoy a quality of life.

Contact Details:

Executive Director: Ligi Tufa
Email ligi@rcm.org.nz

Service Manager: Elizabeth Cole
Email: liz@rcm.org.nz

A Board of Trustees is responsible for the guidance and governance of the Foundation.

The Ryder-Cheshire Foundation Manawatu Board of Trustees

Current list as follows:
Chairperson: Bruce Andrews
Kathy Martin
Ann Cresswell
Peter Grey
Sue O'Sullivan
Graham Slater
Colin Southey

Our Mission Statement


Primary Aims

To provide a Home or Homes with the necessary facilities and staff for the care of chronic and permanently disabled people irrespective of race and creed, this shall be:

  • A place of shelter physically and a place of encouragement spiritually;
  • A place in which residents and staff can acquire a sense of belonging and of ownership by contributing in any way within their capacities to its functioning and development;
  • A place to share with others and from which to help others less fortunate;
  • A place in which to gain confidence and develop independence and interests;
  • A place of hopeful endeavour and not passive disinterest.
Address 114 Te Awe Awe Street, Hokowhitu,
Palmerston North, New Zealand
Phone +64 (06) 357 1557 (Main Administration Office)
Fax +64 ( 06) 357 9321 2016 © Ryder-Cheshire
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